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 A & I Enterprises s.a.r.l. -- Luxembourg. Provides consultancy services related to metal finishing with emphasis on various plating processes. Includes audits of existing equipment and requirements. Site includes details of available expertise.
 Acraservice Ltd -- Specializing in CNC service for Acramatic controls, including servo setup, and servo tuning.
 Advanced Manufacturing & Power Systems Inc. -- Specializes in fabrication and assembly of engine driven equipment. Includes supply of fuel tanks, protective enclosures, trailers, and switchgear.
 AES Scales, Inc. -- N.W. Ohio, and Southern Michigan certified scale calibration, and inspection services. Custom weight application specialists.
 AnaCon Laboratories -- Consulting and testing services, especially for the metal processing and finishing industries. Capabilities include chemical analysis, environmental corrosion testing, physical tests, and metallurgical testing.
 ASB Industrial Technologies -- Italy. Engineering company specializing in design, fabrication, and installation of complete plants for the paper mill, dyeing, chemical, and industrial and civil purification industries.
 Bill's Machine Service -- Specializing in the repair and rebuild of heavy duty machines.
 BM Rebuilders, Inc. -- Features rebuilding and repairing machinery used in the cold forming and wire drawing industry.
 Brodie System, Inc. -- On-site or in-house repairs and reconditioning to worn or damaged web and sheetfed press cylinders and parts used in offset printing, metal decorating, and other industries.
 Byrd Press Service -- Offers factory trained service people for rebuilding, installation, and training on Solna and Shiva printing presses.
 Canyon Technical Services Inc. -- Serves companies with technical solutions to their manufacturing problems. Offers a wide variety of equipment, tooling, software, and consulting services.
 Catchpole Manufacturing Ltd. -- UK. Design and engineering company specializing in product development and enhancement. Services focus on evaluation of existing equipment and processes and development of appropriate/necessary redesign.
 Cavco Machine Tool Rebuilding - Machinery Rebuilders -- Offers rebuilding of toolroom and production machinery. On-site services include portable machining, as well as electrical and mechanical repairs. CNC retrofitting services.
 Cevolini Group -- Italy. Offers partnership services in development of high technology projects. Includes prototyping, machining ultratech metals and materials, and achievement of standards such as those applied to Formula One cars.
 City Machine Technologies Inc -- Specialty is emergency repair, rebuilding, reconditioning, and replacement of industrial machinery and equipment. Capabilities include mechanical, electrical, and in-field service.
 CMD Technical Services -- Offers machine repair for CNC machinery, metalworking equipment and semiconductor equipment.
 CNC Lab -- Service and repair of Sharnoa CNC machinery
 Component Parts Repair -- Repair, restoration, or remanufacturing of truck axles, obsolete automotive and industrial parts. Parts restored to original factory specifications or created from worn originals or blueprints.
 De Mott Technologies Corp. -- Full service engineering company with background in guidance systems but now concentrating on design and supply of metal forming machines and processes. Available equipment includes stretch wrap and hot press forming machines adapted from applications in the aircraft industry.
 Demetal Design -- The Netherlands. Speciality is engineering and construction of wide variety of prototypes. Can be any combination of metal, plastic, and wood. Site includes examples of completed products.
 Diesel & Machinery -- Sales, service and spare parts for the power equipment industry in Australia.
 Dominio Lda. -- Portugal. Technical and trading company specializing in services for the metal industries. Focus is on supply, installation, maintenance, repair, reconditioning, and instrumention of equipment and tooling.
 Dynamic Balancing Services -- UK. Onsite and inhouse service aimed at reducing vibration and noise in rotating machinery and parts to prolong bearing life. Applications in numerous industries.
 Eltee Pulsitron Service Co. -- EDM service and parts supplier. Includes a troubleshooting page for Eltee Pulsitron owners. Available consumable parts are listed with part numbers for ordering ease.
 Emi-Mec Specialists -- Has a nation wide service team,offering free technical advice, and new & used parts.
 ENG Group Services Limited -- UK. Statutory and other inspections, repair, and maintenance of power presses and press brakes. Services include manufacture and supply of guards, as well as gas (rather than electric arc) welding of broken or fractured parts. Site contains link to detailed technical information about power press operations and inspections.
 Engineered Casting Repair Services -- Provides repairs for cracked castings.
 Equipment Engineering Ltd -- New Zealand designers and manufacturers of industrial, waste handling, paint line equipment. Supplies hydraulic and pneumatic machinery and components..
 Evaluation Services, Inc -- Evaluation Services include predictive maintenance programs, laser alignments, thermography and vibration analysis.
 Excalibur Group Ltd. -- Serving the electric power generation and energy industries with global equipment removal, relocation, and sales services.
 Gai Giacomo S.r.l. -- Italy. Company specializes in production of precision turned small parts. English, French, German, and Italian versions of site.
 Geo Tech International Ltd -- Worldwide geotechnical services include rope climbing, rock scaling, and blasting.
 Gerd Wolff Maschinenfabrik GmbH -- Germany. Design, installation, repair, and overhaul of high torque and high speed massive machine elements, including couplings, clutches, transmissions, spare parts, and complete machinery. English and German.
 Glaß & Wolff GmbH -- Germany. Design and construction of machinery and plant for companies such as sugar beet and potato starch factories. Installations include stone and weed separation, silo unloading, and dry soil and leaf shredding. English and German.
 Gorenje Indop -- Core business is design, development, manufacture and marketing of various types of industrial equipment, from individual devices, appliances and machines to highly sophisticated computer controlled manufacturing lines.
 Hepco Electronics Ltd. -- Canada. Services, repairs, and retrofits wide range of industrial machinery, with focus on the electronics. Applications include CNC machine tools, plus textile, plastics, packaging, and food processing equipment.
 High Vision UK Limited -- Worldwide provision of rope access and abseilling services and products for difficult-to-reach structures and surfaces. Site includes examples of industrial and commercial applications.
 Honeywell Space Systems -- Site describing the availability of the corporation's acquired precision manufacturing, assembly, and test expertise and capabilities. Includes examples of services obtainable by a wide range of manufacturing companies.
 Huffman Welding & Machine Inc., -- Industrial production machinery and extensive machining services, including parts from prints or samples, rebuilds and retrofits, and range of industrial supplies.
 HWANG SHIN MACHINERY CO. LTD. -- Manufacturer of cloth making machines. Located in Taiwon, R.O.C.
 Impro Engineering -- India. Provides design and development services for broad range of component manufacturing. Includes identification of most appropriate materials, tooling, and processes. Site provides examples of completed projects.
 Independent Quality Labs, Inc. -- Provides machinery calibration services. Products offered include metrology software and equipment.
 Inglewood Engineering Specialists -- Offers consulting services, systems design, and inspections. They are located in Macclesfield, UK
 InSitu Scientific -- Offers 'rent a tech' assistance to scientific researchers for the initial or continuing phases of an experiment. Site explains concept and available services and includes project examples.
 Integrated Industrial Systems -- Designs, manufactures, installs, and services rolling mills and related machinery. Site includes access to technical bulletins containing detailed technical information.
 InterContinental Industries Inc. -- Provides market development, machinery technology, and system integration services for selected (and largely referred) clientele. Site outlines consultancy process and relationships.
 JIT Automation Inc. -- Canada. Provides consultancy and training services related to 'Lean Manufacturing' methods and technology. Includes feasibility and implementation programs, retrofit engineering, and design and supply of special tooling.
 Keith Withnall Associates Ltd -- UK. Offers broad range of consultancy services related to business and product development. Includes market surveys; product engineering and launch; information management; and particular expertise in laser equipment and applications.
 Kinetic Improvement Inc. -- Preventive maintenance services designed to minimize and repair mechanical failure in rotating equipment. Emphasis is on monitoring misalignments, unbalances, and mechanical looseness to prolong equipment life and performance.
 Kohli Appraisers -- Services include industrial and commercial machinery, transportation and technology appraisals. Certified appraisers serving Canada / USA.
 KT Industries Inc -- ISO 9002 certified company specializing in diversified custom slitting and spooling services. Needs analysis and quotations upon request.
 KTM Machine Tool Service -- Contains diagnostics and error codes for KTM machine tools with Kongsberg 2000 series controls.
 Lubratech Solutions -- A full service preventive and predictive maintenance company focusing on industrial machinery and conveyor systems. Service on all brands & models of automatic lubricators.
 Lurgi Group -- German engineering and contracting group that supplies and builds turnkey plants and plant units for diverse applications worldwide. Industries served include metallurgy; oil, gas, and chemicals; power generation; and environmental technologies.
 M&E Values, Inc. -- A machinery valuation, brokerage and liquidation service.
 Machine Demonstrations -- A service using online video to illustrate machines, products and services.
 Machine Tool Services -- Services include repair of lathes, mills, grinders, on both manual and CNC type machines.
 Magneto Services -- Repair and reconditioning services for different brands of magneto.
 Marathon Technologies, LLC -- Specialize in upgrading and retrofitting commercial and industrial processes for improved efficiency and effectiveness. Focus is on integration of mechanical, electrical, and software controls. Site includes details of services and example of completed installation.
 Marine Turbo -- Worldwide turbocharger specialists who offer sales, repair and services for marine, truck and rail applications.
 Maru Machine Company -- Performs all types of industrial & manufacturing machinery services from minor repairs to complete overhaul.
 Measurement and Machine Technology -- Specializes in analysis and calibration of linear positioning accuracy and backlash of conventional and CNC machine tools. Can also make mechanical, electrical, and electronic adjustments when required.
 Mega Power, Inc. -- Repairs to all types of rotating powerhouse equipment including turbines, pumps and blowers. They supply parts for powerhouse equipment.
 Metal-Tech Industries Ltd. -- Canada. Engineering and design services, including aftermarket replacement parts, hydraulic machinery and repair, gear cutting machines, and thermal arc metal spray equipment.
 Metalist International Inc -- Focus is on rebuilding, repairing, remanufacturing, or redesigning forging and stamping presses, with some sales of used equipment and parts.
 MP Technologies -- Integrated design, development, manufacture, and testing of special purpose machines, processes, systems, parts, and fixtures for a wide range of industries. Site includes examples of completed projects and sample list of clients.
 Neat Automation -- Specializes in providing advice and recommendations regarding automation of existing equipment and processes for optimum productivity and cost effectiveness.
 ONE/TUV/BV -- German. An inspection agency providing consultancy, training, inspection according to ASME boiler and pressure vessel code and referenced standards.
 Orange Coast Rebuilding Inc. -- Specializing in precision rebuilding, remanufacturing, retrofitting & repairing of lathes, mills, & grinders. Laser alignment and emergency field services are available.
 Pacific Erosion Control Systems Ltd. -- Canada. Company specializing in needs assessment and customized provision of aerial and truck mounted hydroseeding and dust control products. Applications include mining, forestry, oil and gas, construction, and ski resort industries.
 Performedge Inc. -- Supplies reconditioning services for high performance carbide round tooling, drills and form tools. Offers a wide range of new tooling and custom designed tools.
 Peterson On-Site Machining -- Offers on-site services including machining, welding and repair of turbines, generators and other mechanical equipment.
 Powell's Perspectives -- Consulting for CNC retrofits, rebuilding, and remanufacturing of new and used machines
 Pro Speed, Inc. -- Specialists in System 3-R tooling and accessories, offering calibration, re-alignment, and repair services for EDM machinery.
 Prototec Inc. -- Specializes in building prototype machinery and components, as well as improving existing processes and equipment for improved efficiency, greater cost effectiveness, and reduced maintenance requirements.
 Ramsay Engineering -- South Africa. Provides variety of services involving product design, manufacture, and assembly. Examples of end products include animal ear tags and several security locking devices.
 Red & Gold Technical Services Inc. -- Offers range of services for development of prototypes, limited production, or assembly of parts. Includes purchasing and kitting, CNC machining, soldering, and mechanical, electrical, and microscope assisted assembly.
 Research Automation Inc. -- Designs and builds machinery for customized automation of various manufacturing processes. Applications include high speed assembly, waterjet deburring, seal trimming, and bar finishing.
 S. V. Bassewitz GmbH & Co. -- Supplier of cutting tools. Offers regrinding and coating services. This site is in both English and German.
 S.T.A.T. Services -- UK. Advice on tube bending problems based on evaluation of current procedures. Provision of training in control, tool setting, and machine servicing and maintenance.
 SAV Network -- A French maintenance and after-sales service network dedicated to worldwide industrial equipment manufacturers.
 Schaeffer Industrial Optical Precision Alignment, Inc. -- Full service optical alignment company, specializing in the precision alignment of industrial machinery, advanced turbine systems, utility generators, motors and drives.
 Scomark Pipe-Fittings International -- A leading manufacturer of butt welded pipe fittings from a wide range of metals, including stainless steel and nickel alloys. Located in UK
 Sencer Appraisal Associates,Inc. -- Provides machinery and equipment appraisals for public and private businesses.
 Sicron Inc. -- Manufacturers of customized platforms for broad range of industrial machinery. Includes frame, base, enclosure, vibration control, and a variety of metal, composite and other work surfaces.
 SMI s.r.l. -- Italy. Overhauls range of industrial machinery and plant, including machine tools, oleodynamic presses, plastic injection equipment, and hydraulic systems.
 SMTE Sweden AB -- Specializes in design and manufacture of equipment to reduce risk to products and personnel in the steel and mining industries. Site explains range of applications and provides detailed examples.
 Somerset Tool Services -- Specializing in industrial power tool repairs and hard to find tools.
 SPN Consultants -- Offers engineering in drives, controls and automation Web handling. A Canadian based firm.
 Sterling Worldwide Sales -- Provider of technical services and auxiliary products. Specializing in cooling towers, chillers, and steam traps.
 STI Technologies Inc. -- Performance and reliability analysis and testing for the energy, aerospace, and other industries. Specialized software for assessing and monitoring turbomachinery components.
 Stork N.V. -- The Netherlands. Consultative and advisory group offering products and services designed to coordinate technology and markets for optimim productivity and profitability. Site includes detailed account of capabilities and applications.
 Teck Fusion Inc. -- Canada. Specialists in restoring cracked or failed iron and aluminum castings, such as engine cylinder heads and pump housings. English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian versions of site.
 The Schreiner Company -- Germany. Specializes in the dismantling and transportation of heavy industrial machinery and plants. Also sells and buys used equipment. English, German, and Spanish versions of site.
 Tidy Technical Ltd -- An authorised Honda dealer, offering repairs and on-line sales of Honda machinery.
 Trexler Industries, Inc -- Custom manufacturing of spares and parts for wide range of industrial applications. Capabilities include laser cutting, welding, machining, forming, grinding, painting, and inspection.
 TurboCare, Inc -- Aftermarket support for users of turbomachinery, including repairs, parts replacement, performance analysis, and design and implementation of upgrades. Site includes list of technical articles available by email or fax request.
 Vail Rubber Works, Inc -- Long established family business specializing in rubber and other roll coverings for the steel, aluminium, paper, and similar industries.
 Valuation Resources Inc. -- Full service appraisal firm specializing in estimating value of machinery and equipment. Site includes online request form.
 Watson Engineering Inc. -- Offers consulting and engineering services related to problems caused by machine or structural vibration. Includes customized inspection, diagnosis, and remedial recommendations/modifications.
 Welded Tube Pros LLC. -- A consulting and engineering firm for the welded tube and rollforming industries. Services include alignments and rebuilding.
 WIJT Technology -- Service include, support and parts for Enkel equipment.
 William Pitt (Eng.) Ltd -- UK. Engineering company with experience in major capital installations in numerous countries. Contracts have included projects undertaken for papermaking and other large scale manufacturers.

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