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 Machine Vision

 A.C.E., Inc. -- Products include 'IMV' semi-custom packaged machine vision systems, custom inspection machines including material handling, and industrial computers.
 ADE Phase Shift -- Manufacturer of high precision non-contact 3D surface measuring equipment based on interferometry, including laser, white light, and microscope based interferometers.
 Adept Electronic Solutions Pty Ltd -- Supplies machine vision hardware and software products for automated inspection. Products include machine vision cameras, frame grabbers, optics, lighting and software.
 Advanced Technologies, Inc. -- 'Spectrum Vision' system inspects for flaws and defects at 3,600 ppm in gray scale or full color. Quality inspection for almost all industries and manufacturers.
 Aeroel srl -- Manufacturer of laser systems and sensors for on-line diameter measurement and control.
 Agris-Schoen Vision Systems Inc. -- Machine Vision Systems Integrators and resellers of Machine Vision Systems (custom and off-the-shelf) and Equipment
 Ahlegion Precision -- Rebuilds optical comparators and gauging equipment. Distributes dimensional gauges.
 Allied Vision Technology -- Manufacturer of Firewire cameras for machine vision and imaging
 Allison Park Group, Inc. -- Manufactures enclosures for cameras and machine vision systems and turnkey inspection systems for quality control and factory automation.
 Alpha Vision Design. -- AVD specialises in the integration, design and supply of industrial machine vision equipment
 AnaLogic Computers Ltd. -- Designs, manufactures and sells ultra high-speed, standalone machine vision systems based on the novel Cellular Visual Microprocessor (CVM) technology. Both for industrial and academic use.
 ASC International -- Portfolio of optical-based measurement systems, process control tools, and production equipment. Develops and implements yield improvement strategies.
 AutoVision -- Supplies color vision and inspection systems for industrial automation and quality control.
 Barco Group -- Machine vision, graphics, projection systems, display systems, communication systems, automation.
 Breuckmann GmbH -- Offer a complete product spectrum for 3- dimensional metrology and digitization for automotive industry, model, die and tool making, quality control, dental and medical industries.
 Brunson Instrument Company -- Optical tooling equipment and accessories.
 Capflow S.A. -- Manufacturer of industrial vision systems and components for industrial control, parking lot management, traffic monitoring and access control. Products include VisioFlex vision components and software.
 ChemIcon Inc. -- Commercial scientific instruments using chemical imaging for materials charaterization. Combines molecular spectroscopy and digital imaging to provide molecular images that detail material morphology, composition and structure.
 Control Vision, Inc. -- Company manufacturers and offers control vision equipment for harsh industrial environments, including the 'weildingcam'.
 Coreco, Inc. -- Supplies machine vision hardware and software products for OEMs including embedded vision processors and frame grabbers. Online line card, application notes and PDF data sheets available for download.
 CyberOptics Corporation -- Designs and manufactures intelligent sensors and systems for high-precision, non-contact dimensional measurement and process control, utilizing proprietary laser and optics technology combined with advanced software and electronics. Golden Valley, Minnesota. (Nasdaq: CYBE).
 Cyra Technologies -- Manufacturer of pulsed laser imaging system that can scan objects as large as bridges, buildings and battleships and port the models directly into CAD packages.
 Daimler Chrysler Aerospace AG, Dasa -- Laser ranging camera.
 Dalsa, Inc. -- Manufacturers digital imaging and machine vision CCD and CMOS products for applications such as industrial inspection, semiconductor inspection, circuit inspection, and document scanning from Waterloo, ON, Canada.
 Direct Dimensions, Inc. -- Provides 3D digitizing and reverse engineering services.
 DTA - Scientific Instruments -- Manufactures ccd (hccd) digital camera and provides imaging solutions to scientists, researchers, and manufacturers. From Italy.
 Dunkley International, Inc. -- Machine vision systems for high-speed inspection, on-line vision process control and sorting.
 DVT Corporation -- Employs 'disruptive visual technology' in machine vision and photoelectric industries. Utilizes a network of automation solution providers to market the 'SmartImage' sensor.
 Firstsight Vision, Ltd. -- UK. Industrial CCD cameras and lenses, frame grabbers, LED lighting and software for automated visual inspection and optical character recognition.
 Gardasoft Vision -- Specialists in the application of machine vision solutions for both industry and laboratory.
 Graftek Imaging Inc. -- Source for machine vision components and imaging systems. Search for products and request quotes.
 Hommelwerke GmbH -- Manufacture of optical measurement equipment.
 IC Vision -- Develops machine vision systems for the inspection of caps, closures, containers and printing defects. IC-Vision systems are based on self-learning technology.
 Imagenation Corp -- Manufacturers of precision video frame grabbers and machine vision systems for the manufacturing automation, traffic control, security and surveillance, and medical and scientific markets.
 Imaging Technology Incorporated -- High performance machine vision boards, systems, software, and frame grabbers for OEMs, system integrators, and end-users.
 IMSOC -- Company specializing in non-invasive measurement techniques, primarily machine vision systems, ranging from consultancy to product sales, such as froth image analysers, from Sweden.
 Indev Gauging Systems -- A supplier of non-contact industrial gauging equipment.
 Industrial Vision Systems -- Machine vision solutions for automated visual inspection. For optical character recognition, gauging/measurement, feature analysis, print quality inspection.
 Insight Control Systems International, Inc. -- Vision inspection systems for cap, closure, container, fitment in packaging, beverages, and pharmaceuticals.
 Kern Instruments -- Distributes one-second theodolites for optical tooling. DKM2-AE instruments and accessories available from Swisstek Inc.
 Key Technologies -- Vision test systems for quality control and parking acces. LPR systems
 Laser Metric Systems, Inc. -- Non-contact, laser and capacitance gaging and measurement systems for industry. Sub-micron distance, diameter and thickness measurement.
 Laser Micrometer -- Laser based measurement devices with 7 micron resolution capable of measuring diameter, gap between objects, height, width, profile of objects, vibration, position, centering and threshold.
 Laser Vision Technologies -- Provides used and refurbished optical and laser-based measurement systems for the electronics manufacturing industry.
 Laseroptronix -- Resells, manufactures and develops products and sensors; laser distance meters
 Leica Geosystems -- Inclination sensor delivers continuously real time data for evaluating deformations and deviations from true horizontal position. Up to 32 sensors may be connected for long term monitoring surveys.
 Leica Geosystems -- The digital camera allows fast non-contact data collection also in unstable surroundings (on-line or off-line). Fully automated image measurements and powerful viewing facilities enable an object based data management.
 LMI 3D Machine Vision -- Provide non-contact laser sensors and systems for measurement and control of industrial utilizing visions systems.
 Macro Systems Inc. -- Supplies custom optical comparator charts, overlays, shadowgraph charts, optical gages, and sight gages from electric files.
 Mavis Technologies. -- Supplier of machine vision solutions in China. Offering process automation and quality control systems.
 Maxxvsion GmbH -- Sony camera supplier for machine vision and quality control
 Metron Systems, -- Sales of laser digitizers for reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, non-contact measurement, first article inspection and 3D scanning services.
 Metrum -- Manufacture of measuring systems, machine vision systems, durability testers, integration of measuring systems and motion control. From Poland.
 Micro-Epsilon -- Manufactures sensors that provide accurate information on the displacement, distance, position, vibration and dimension of an object.
 Modsonic Instruments Manufacturing Company Pvt. Ltd. -- An indian manufacturer of portable ultrasonic testing equipment, ultrasonic flaw detectors and ultrasonic thickness gauges.
 Navitar Inc -- Manufacturer and supplier of high resolution C-mount and large format inspection lenses for machine vision inspection applications. Products range from zoom lenses to fixed magnification and compact designs.
 Nebula Inc. -- Manufacturerof industrial vision camera systems for inspecting manufactured part on assembly lines and work stations with full SPC data collection.
 OEG -- Supplies a large range of optical measuring and test equipment for the optical, semiconductor, machine-building, beverage can and glass manufacturing industries.
 Olympus Industrial -- 'Encore' high-speed video camera for motion analysis. Digitally records extremely fast equipment; instantly replays in slow motion for analysis.
 Optical Dimensions -- 'Lasercheck' surface roughness gage is for measuring Ra roughness of a variety of materials including metals, magnetic media, plastics, ceramics.
 Optical Gaging Products, Inc. -- Manufacturer of non-contact and multi-sensor measuring systems used for quality control, coordinate measuring, and general purpose inspection.
 Origin Technologies Corporation -- LaserGauge is a non-contact, portable, laser-based profilometer for automatic identification and analysis of pitting, wear, corrosion, step height, angles, gap, flush, welds, fasteners, rivets, and scratches.
 Peripheral Imaging Corporation -- Manufacturer of non-contact image sensors for OEM customers.
 Pressco Technology Inc. -- Engineers and manufacturers high,speed, intelligent vision inspection systems for food, beverage, container industries.
 Proteus Applied Technologies -- Design, build, install, and support turnkey machine vision inspection systems.
 Pulnix America, Inc. -- Manufactures CCD cameras, document and photoelectric scanners, mini and standard CCTV lens, application software for machine vision image processing.
 Qsort. -- Machine vision applications for quality control of natural products: fully-fledged, full-colour inspection of individual products without affecting daily throughput.
 Ronald A. Massa Associates -- Supplies CCD cameras, frame grabbers, digital recording, software, lighting, CCTV lenses.
 Sentech America -- Designs and builds industrial machine vision cameras suited for public transportation systems, quality control inspections, medical and dental use, and metrology.
 Servo-Robot Inc. -- Manufacturing of sensing systems for process control and automation.
 Shapeline -- Makes flatness and cross-bow measurementlaser-based systems for in-process measurement in e.g. steel and metal production.
 Silicon Imaging, Inc. -- Megapixel digital camera and systems manufacturer for machine vision, semiconductor inspection, metrology, automotive assembly, color print quality and traffic enforcement.
 SMX -- Portable coordinate measurement machines.
 Solarius Development Inc. -- Specializes in non-contact 3D measurement systems based on laser and optical inspection technology. Products include laser profilometers, confocal microscopes, and metrology software. Site provides detailed application information.
 SRC Vision -- Supplies vision inspection systems from Omron.
 STEAG ETA-Optik GmbH -- Manufacture of optical measurement systems, production, and process control solutions for quality control and process adjustment.
 Strainoptic Technologies, Inc. -- Manufacturer of polariscopes (strain viewers), polarimeters, and automated scanners for measuring residual stress and optical distortion in glass, plastics, and other transparent materials, either on-line or off-line.
 Surface Inspection -- Manufacturer of the FlawmasterŽ and BiscuitmasterŽ automatic tile inspection systems.
 Syncretek LLC -- A source for advanced laser metrology for static shape, ESPI strain and stress measurement, and shearographic NDI/NDT, especially for composites and rubber tires.
 TaiCaan Technologies - 3D Surface Metrology -- Manufacturer of precision surface metrology equipment, offering state-of-the-art non-contact surface profilers and analysis software.
 Tech Source International -- Manufacturer's representatives of industrial machine vision systems.
 Tectonic International -- Manufacture video web and print inspection equipment to the printing and converting industry.
 The Imaging Source -- Value added reseller and service provider for imaging products incl. lighting, optics, cameras, frame grabbers, imaging software.
 Third Dimension -- Non-contact dimensional metrology systems incl. robot mounting, real-time, hand-held solutions.
 Thurning Instruments Ltd. -- Manufactures radiation detectors which are used for radiometric (or nucleonic) measurement. Non-contacting thickness and density measurement using X- and gamma rays. Gamma densitometers. Consultant engineers specialising in low-noise analogue electronics.
 TLA, Inc. -- Manufacturer of laser scan micrometers. Non-contact measurement of diameter, width, thickness, and ovality.
 Twico Enterprise Co., Ltd. -- Conventional CCD (closed circuit display), dome CCD, digital monitoring system, quad/ multiplexer and peripheral products, CCTV lenses, B/W CCD camera, color CCD cameras, CCTV system and lens. From Taiwan.
 UBM Corporation -- Manufactures optical and laser-based non-contact measuring systems for 3D surface measurement.
 US Automation -- Distributor of automation controls and vision systems. Vision products include cameras, lenses, lighting and the Webmax printing web break inspection system. Automation products include sensors, light curtains and conveyors.
 View Engineering Inc. -- Manufacture of vision-based non-contact metrology systems.
 Vision Gauge Inc -- Integrator of parts metrology Vision systems suitable for off-line gauging of parts. Vision Gauge also offers off-line inspection services.
 Vision Machines Inc. -- Offers turnkey machine vision systems, system integration, and consulting services for industrial inspection, image analysis, and automation applications.
 Vitrox Technologies. -- Malaysia. Providing innovative machine vision solutions for all types of IC package manufacturing (MLP, QFN, SC70, SOT, and QFP).
 Vivid Engineering -- Manufacturer of Camera Link simulator, repeater, and translator specialty products for vision system developers.
 WAY-2C -- Train-by-show machine vision for color-based inspection, sorting, process control, and image analysis.
 Webview -- Turnkey inspection systems for the automated manufacturing industry.
 Zencro -- Manufacturer of machine vision for inspection.
 ZET Plastics -- Finland. Modular quality assurance systems for the plastics industry. Machine vision solutions for automated visual inspection.
 Zygo Corporation -- Designs, develops, manufactures and markets high-performance, laser-based, non-contact electro-optical measuring instruments, systems and accessories and optical components. (Nasdaq: ZIGO).

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